Ben-Shahar Lab Research

Observing honey bee guarding behavior at Tyson Research Center for graduate research in the Ben-Shahar lab

Myers Lab Research

Myers Lab Research

We study the assembly, diversity and dynamics of ecological communities from local to global scales.

Haswell Lab Research

Mutant plants with osmotically stressed plastids develop a mass of undifferentiated cells at their apex

Dixit Lab Research

Studying the cell biology of plant cell morphogenesis

Bose Lab Research

Research from the Bose Lab

About the Department

Research in the Washington University Department of Biology addresses a wide range of biological questions, across and between the sub-disciplines of biology: from single molecules to systems, and from steady state equilibria to dynamic remodeling over milliseconds to millions of generations. Intellectually, the department draws its strength from an exceptionally interactive and collaborative faculty who possess a wide range of interests at all levels of biological organization and who utilize many different biological systems and model organisms. ...Read more

In the News

July 2, 2018
Restoration of LaBarque Creek near the Tyson Research Center has sparked new life in a beleaguered aquatic ecosystem. The Ampersand sat down with Kim Medley and Elizabeth Biro to find out more.
June 26, 2018
Victoria L. May, assistant dean in Arts & Sciences and executive director of the Institute for School Partnership, has been honored for her work with students.
June 25, 2018
Joe Jez, professor and chair of the Department of Biology, nominated Wilkening for the award.

Upcoming Events

Evelyn Rynkiewicz, Fashion Institute of Technology - "Ecology of parasites and pathogen in wild mice"
Living Learning Center at Tyson Research Center @ 4:00 pm
Peggy Schultz & Jim Bever, University of Kansas - "Microbiome influence on plant community structure: concepts, applications and outreach in the prairie"
Living Learning Center at Tyson Research Center @ 4:00 pm
Holly Jones, Northern Illinois University - "Impacts of bison reintroduction in a world - class prairie restoration"
Living Learning Center at Tyson Research Center @ 4:00 pm