Ben-Shahar Lab Research

Observing honey bee guarding behavior at Tyson Research Center for graduate research in the Ben-Shahar lab

Myers Lab Research

Myers Lab Research

We study the assembly, diversity and dynamics of ecological communities from local to global scales.

Haswell Lab Research

Mutant plants with osmotically stressed plastids develop a mass of undifferentiated cells at their apex

Dixit Lab Research

Studying the cell biology of plant cell morphogenesis

Bose Lab Research

Research from the Bose Lab

About the Department

Research in the Washington University Department of Biology addresses a wide range of biological questions, across and between the sub-disciplines of biology: from single molecules to systems, and from steady state equilibria to dynamic remodeling over milliseconds to millions of generations. Intellectually, the department draws its strength from an exceptionally interactive and collaborative faculty who possess a wide range of interests at all levels of biological organization and who utilize many different biological systems and model organisms. ...Read more

In the News

November 19, 2018
Helmet-heads of the freshwater fish world, African mormyrid fishes are known for having a brain-to-body size ratio that is similar to humans.
November 16, 2018
by Kit Lord
November 16, 2018
Keith Hengen Hengen Keith Hengen, assistant professor of biology in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, was selected by the Allen Institute as a 2018 Next Generation Leader.

Upcoming Events

Emmanuel Antwi - Adjei, Washington University, “The Neuronal Design Underlying Consolidated Anesthesia-Resistant Memory in Drosohila”
Rebstock 322 @ 4:00 pm
Mohammed Oufattole, VP, Benson Hill
Rebstock 322 @ 9:00 am
Nicholas Morffy / Strader Lab, "Investigating the Contribution of the AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR PB1 Domain to DNA-binding Specificity"
McDonnell 361 @ 4:00 pm