Blankenship Lab Research

The photosynthetic megacomplex from a cyanobacterium, which scientists have managed to 

Carlson Lab Research

Electric organ discharges in the genus Paramoryrops (top) are more diverse than in the genus Petrocephalus (bottom).

Haswell Lab Research

Mutant plants with osmotically stressed plastids develop a mass of undifferentiated cells at their apex

Dixit Lab Research

Studying the cell biology of plant cell morphogenesis

Bose Lab Research

Research from the Bose Lab

About the Department

Research in the Washington University Department of Biology addresses a wide range of biological questions, across and between the sub-disciplines of biology: from single molecules to systems, and from steady state equilibria to dynamic remodeling over milliseconds to millions of generations. Intellectually, the department draws its strength from an exceptionally interactive and collaborative faculty who possess a wide range of interests at all levels of biological organization and who utilize many different biological systems and model organisms. ...Read more

In the News

August 22, 2016
Botanists gather in St. Louis to review global strategy for saving plants.
July 6, 2016
Joseph Jez, professor of biology in Arts & Sciences, delivered a TED talk on the importance of plant biology as it relates to day-to-day science at the TedX Gateway Arch event May 17.
May 4, 2016
Amelia Nguyen (Pakrasi lab) was highlighted in an article in Nature Careers on her work with the non-profit consulting organization called BALSA.

Upcoming Events

Dr. Matthew Albrecht; Missouri Botanical Garden; "Adaptive Conservation of Rare Plants in an Era of Altered Disturbance Regimes and Climate Change"
Hosted by: David Quellar; Rebstock 322 @ 4:00 pm
Lucia Strader; Washington University in St. Louis; "Auxin and the Strader Lab: Involved in Almost Anything"
Rebstock 322 @ 4:00 pm
Dr. Bill Gray, University of Minnesota; "A molecular mechanism for acid growth: SMALL AUXIN UP RNA (SAUR) Proteins Repress PP2C.D Phosphatases to Promote Plant Growth"
Hosted by: Lucia Strader; Rebstock 322 @ 4:00 pm